Catch rates for quest Pokémon


I am just looking for catch rates for quest reward Pokémon. Please don’t do if your quest reward was Mew or Moltres ( Or any other legendary )
My theory is that these reward Pokémon have a 100% catch rate, as none have run from me. Thanks go to @Jormdeworm for technical help and support!

  • All quest reward Pokémon have been caught on the first ball
  • All quest Pokémon have been caught but not always on the first ball
  • Most quest Pokémon have been caught, but some ran away
  • All my quest Pokémon ran
  • I have completed on quests

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Maybe you can edit it and remake the poll (copy paste is very useful)


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Thanks @Jormdeworm !


How to make a poll?


@KingQ07 Hub Article Poll


You probably mean “0% flee rate, and Normal catch rate”
Becouse with almost no Pokemon from quests I captured first ball (regular pokéball)

Quest Pokemon cant flee, so they have a 0% flee rate. They do Not have a 100% catch chance. But yes, chances are high that you catch it. By the way, you can’t really run from an encounter if you finished the quest. You have to do the encounter. If you run, you can still do that encounter


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