Cap of 100 on research task rewards after Aug 27 (extended from Aug 20 previously)


I heard an update coming on Aug 20 will place a cap of 100 on the number of research task rewards that can be stored in the queue, only the 100 most recent rewards will be available if not claimed before Aug 20, 2018. Time to claim those rewards, better on coming 2-day CD days because of triple stardust on catches



Don’t really care actually. I don’t catch them because I don’t want them.


Oh I only thought you could store 4…


If you “escape” or “flee” from catching it, it will stock up at the queue


It’s low level, I’m just hoping for 100%, i got several 96 out of them


Yes but I don’t catch the low ones. Only 90+ IV’s.


Ya, I mainly catch them to hope for 95+ IV and stardust purposes


They still count as stamp?




Whoa so you can do hundreds of tasks a day without be worried about doing one the next day!


No, the Stamp only counts once. If you run from the Pokémon you can’t collect the Stamp again. Would’ve been nice though😁



You see there are 4 rewards, the first one is the queue


I tap on one, don’t catch it, leave it, and know it’s gone! And it was misdreavious!


No, it is not gone, field rewards cannot be gone as of now, before Aug 20, it just got stacked at the bottom of the rewards queue


Just found this one in my queue😂


You complete the transfer 20 mons task


That’s from last month CD, did you get the shiny with sunglasses