Candy from feeding pokemon you haven't caught?


I saw some regionals in a gym today and after feeding them a few berries, I was thinking is it possible to get candy from feeding pokemon you haven’t caught yet/ registered in the pokedex?


The candy you get from Gyms is based on the Pokémon in the gym that you are feeding at the time. Feed a dragonite and you might get dratini candy. Feed a weedle get a weedle candy.

So yes by feeding Pokémon in a gym it is theoretically possible to get a candy for a Pokémon you haven’t captured.


Hmm that seems logical, but has anyone been able to do this?


Think about it this way: If you transferred ALL your pidgeys, then feed a pidgey in a gym(Hopefully you don’t actually do this LOL!), you still get the candy, although you don’t have any pidgeys at the moment. However, when you catch a pidgey, all your collected candy is still there. Apparently it just gets put into a “Bank”, for when you actually catch the pokemon.


How often are you all getting candy from feeding gym Pokémon? I’ve fed hundreds of berries and have never seen it happen


Let me rephrase my question, seems badly worded. As in can you get candy from feeding pokemon you have never caught before, like a region exclusive?

Obviously there would probably be no way of seeing the total candy count, but I suppose if it is possible and your eyes are fast enough, you may be able to see a candy bonus on the left hand side…?


Don’t know how often you can get candy from feeding or if it’s dependent on the pokemon, but I did see a single candy rewarded while feeding my Snorlax some time ago.

Suffice to say it’s not the most efficient way of grinding candy, better to catch them. More of an nice bonus on top of the stardust (unless you’re 2 candies away from evolving to Ampharos, then that might be a different story…)


Yes, I’ve gotten candies from feeding Heracross in gyms before, and I don’t have a Heracross yet. How much, you may ask? 2 candies during the event, and 1 candy now. How often? Depends on your gym badge level for the gym you feed at. And it also works via remote feeding.


Ah ok, thank you for satisfying my curiosity :smile:


I fed berries until I wasn’t allowed to feed anymore and not one candy…just unlucky I guess


I’ve fed 365 berries until now. With 1 Blisseycandy as a result so far. So the chance is very small to get one.


According to this its about a 0.5% Chance to get a berry from feeding.


Really? I feel like I get more than that when I feed at gyms. I think they decreased the chances shortly after remote feeding went live, because when remote feeding just started, I was getting a candy for every 3 berries I fed, and so did other players in my area! It seems they decreased it though shortly after remote feeding, probably because players were exploiting the system.