Can we talk about blissey


So today I was at a gym trying to take down there was a blissey who kept getting heal over and over again it’s cp was 3200 of course every time I beat the Pokémon gyms they got all heal up and there was also a raid boss going on it was Giratina so I kept battling the gym until I ran out of potions and revives so I was just thinking can’t we stop healing Pokémon’s during battles to full up it gets really frustrated blissey can stall a gym for hours it keeps getting heal is not fun maybe tone down the use of berries or nerf blissey people try their best to stall gyms so they can the bonus pokeballs not only that blissey that’s decent damage


The owner trainer can only berry about 10 times. So it was getting back up. It is very tiresome to beat these types of battles.


I hate those people @Soul.

Email niantic


What will Niantic do? It technically not against the rules to continuously berry and heal. Especially if your trying to keep a gym.

Roles reversed you wouldn’t wanna not be able to heal and just watch your pokemon faint. I hate when i cannot berry.


Well Blissey will get nerfed and thats that


Technically any pokemon can give that same problem if the trainer is persistent and has enough golden razz. i remember i used to have my cousin berry my mon since his couldnt fit in the gym.

Nerfing does nothing. Maybe different limiters and timers per berry. Atm it shouldnt be to much of a big deal if you cant take a gym.

It’s more of a stockpile war rather than who’s iv or cp or pokemon is stronger.

Nerfing is not the answer.


I can beat a blissey pretty easily but I still don’t have a good machamp…

My dragonite and flareon do well though so I can win in less than 1 minute 30 secs


Hopefully no one golden razzs.


Blissey is already getting the nerf and there are strategies to dispose of a continuously healing Bliss anyways, I fail to see how is that a problem


All these nerfs soon nothing gonna be strong.


Rhydon is getting nerfed so Rhyperior also


but were supposed to talk about blissey


better off nerfing golden razz…the pokemon isnt the problem.


Yes we can talk about blissey, what about it?


I took down 3 blisseys last night whose trainers kept golden razzing them, just waited till they used their 10 berries and took them down. Took an hour for all 3 blisseys combined I had nothing better to do at midnight, except sleep maybe lol


read the paragraph


At least you get some gym xp from that 1 hour of battling, right? :grinning:


Lol yup, got around 2000 xp


I only put blissey’s and chancey’s in gyms to increase the chance of getting coins for the day. I only golden razz if they have not been there for at least 8.5hrs or it’s late in the day and already got coins off another gym and want the pokemon in question to last till at midnight.


I always make sure the pokemon from other teams have been there for at least 8.5hrs, otherwise I try to add to existing gyms my team controls where possible. Just wish other trainers showed the same courtesy.