Can research reward Moltres Flee? Verdict: I would say NO but careful of the glitch?



Confirmed that Moltres is research breakthrough again. Make sure to Pinap it because it can’t run away.


took me 15 balls to catch the 2nd one with pinnap berry just like the first so 3rd one will go the same way :slight_smile: … lets just hope for a good IV otherwise ill put all my hopes on the 4th one (and last one)


I have seen four, caught 4. one raid one was 98%


Niiice! ill go catch my 3rd one in an hour and i hope for a good IV…
I will also be taking a GREAT AR photo if i manage to get Moltres where i want him to be!


It can flee. Don’t argue if you don,t agree watch mystic 7 last video out today and his flees right on camera



WTF it can actually run away!!! I just checked MYSTIC7 video myself and IT RUN!!! Or at least it looked like it run… Most people say it is a glitch and it goes strait in your inventory.

you can check it out @


The dustcloud on that fleeing is kinda short though, so I do wonder whether he edited the video or something. On top of that, he should check his stash, see whether he perhaps hit a bug while the Moltress is hiding there.


Faked @Odelgard and @Stridey10


That’s how I got Mew…


It is a glitch, the glitch happens when you have bad connection and it is loading to see if caught or not. Happens often with a lot of Pokemon.


Moltress fled. After complete my third research and am going to catch moltress they fled by breaking pokeball. After that send email to ninatic and they add moltres in my pokemon go account without cathing.


So it’s a bug then.


Yes it is a bug! Its considered as the REWARD for a weeks stamps so it shouldnt flee, you are supposed to catch it.


My son caught his Moltres on first throw yesterday and daughter got her’s on 2nd throw this morning. Looking forward to Zapados next week.


Nicelly done!! i got my 4th on 4th throw :smiley:

I wouldnt mind a few extra Moltres candies but im also looking foward to Zapdos!!!


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