Can research reward Moltres Flee? Verdict: I would say NO but careful of the glitch?



Do we have any reports of Moltress being able to flee?? I know we cant run from it, but can it run from us?


I have not heard any reports of Moltres fleeing. I have read multiple reports of people using dozens of balls but Moltres waits for you to catch him.


perfect! ill go for the pinnap berries then…:smiley:


I have read that it doesn’t flee but that didn’t stop me from using golden raspberry just out of sheer excitement of catching first Moltres.


Does not flee.


It does not flee. You can run from it and catch it anytime later. Just in case, catch it ASAP


I had my daughter catch it with a pinap berry for extra Moltres candy.


It may not flee, but you might still want to stock up on Pokéballs. If you have a Field Research to do nice/great/excellent throws, then there’s a fair chance you’ll complete it on Moltres.


I end up using Pinup berry for the extra candy. It took me 8-9 great throws with Ultra balls and it didnt flee so with all your help and reports it looks like its a sure catch!


No way
Run away.
I just graze and ultra
I dunno why…
Already had 2 Moltes before.


Not graze

Golden Razz


I kinda doubt that’s true…


2 from raid… and 1 from research


How ya like me now?


jealous… :frowning:


It doesn’t have a 100% catch rate, but it has a 0% flee rate


I had to use like 20 balls to catch my daughter’s Moltres. But it never ran away and she still got it.


Thats impossible. Niantic set it up where the Moltres won’t flee. You have to catch it.


So on Thursday, am I going to get my 3rd straight Moltres?


My guess: they change the research pokemon every month. Next month = articuno? I hope so as that and mew and tauros are all the gen 1 i dont have yet