Can I have soft ban or shadowban if a friend log in my account In my city park to do an ex raid?


So I received an Ex pass to do a mewtwo raid on Monday at 4:30 pm in my city’s local park. But in that hour I’m going to the doctor and I dont want to waste my pass. So, I’m going to let my account to a friend that don’t received a pass and to prevent fake GPS and so on, I’m going to log out my account and Uninstaller the app and leave my phone home when i go do the doctor.
I’m going to risk soft ban or shadowban???


No, you risk absolutely nothing, you can even keep the app on the phone (just dont have the game on and dont be logged in, otherwise he wont be able to connect


When i was in hospital after one operation i simply waited when my dad was catching some mons’ and eggs ~200km away and then on evening or something i checked what he hatched or caught, it’s totaly safe and very useful in those types of situation


Thanks people. I did ir and my mate caught my mewtwo. Thanks a lot