Can Buizel be obtained in the wild?


OK so recently the Sea Weasel Pokemon Buizel and Floatzel (And Budew but to me isn’t the most relevant since Roserade has yet to be implemented) have been released in Pokemon Go as a tier 1 raid boss. Which to me seemed fairly inconvenient seeing as essentially the same factor applies to Shinx in which I would have to go out of my way just as a means of finding a Buizel raid when they can be anywhere and not only that but also obtain sufficient candy as a means of evolving it (And yes I am aware that Shinx can also be obtained in 10 kilometer eggs but still). but I’ve also heard reports that Buizel and Floatzel can also be obtained in the wild but evidence of this has not been displayed. So I would just like to ask, can Buizel be obtained in the wild? If so then I will take your word for it.


I’m fairly confident it’s a no for Wild catches atm. Taking a guess is that will change once it’s disapears from being a Raid Boss maybe? Or they might make it an Egg only Pokémon.


it was in wild for a bout 10 minutes. Now only raids.


I’ve too heard it can be in the wild, I even went to a pretty isolated park with crazy spawns near my gf’s house, and found nothing. Only got one from a raid.


@5GodLink is right. It was released in the wild for about 10 minutes, which was an error.

At this time it can only be caught in raids. This will of course change in a few weeks most likely


I haven’t even seen a Buizel raid yet and wouldn’t know what one even looked like unless I saw one that one of my friends had as a buddy.


here @bobbyjack8


Wow. I only saw the evolved version. I guess she was showing it off.


I got one 2 days ago after doing a Sharpedo raid


OK so about an hour ago I managed to obtain a Buizel in the wild so that justifies that it can be obtained in the wild aswell as raid battles.


@5GodLink, is Buizel tier 1 raid?


yes it is


It’s now in wild, just very rare. Good luck.


Like shinx


shinx in wild now also?


Yah but very rare too I thought


Didn´t saw that Buizel anywhere. With the some gyms on a park nearby, yesterday there where 5 raids happening in a 10 minutes walking distance. One was Giratina, 3 where Sableye and the other a Duskull. On the afternoon 2 where shinx, 2 giratina and 1 sableye. :tired_face:


Found my first two Buizel at work tonight in the wild. I was hyped. :smiley:


Yes it can. My girlfriend catched one in the wild at the same time Buizel was in raids. (Sun / 11 / Nov)



This popped up a few minutes ago. Sadly I didn’t have the time to get it.