Bye, Everyone πŸ™ƒ


Gonna be gone to Yosemite National Park, it is in North west california, near @Ryan21, until Friday . So bye everyone, and don’t remove me from friends list. :wink:




No cell service there?


No, it actually has 100s of stops and gyms in a small area, but it is dangerous to bring pur phones there - people die every week by falling off cliffs - and we aren’t allowed to take our phones.


That would be cool way to die. Step off cliff trying to catch a Mareep.


Just like Sherlock Holmes.
But I prefer people who are alive


@Pokemon, be safe, don’t get too tired otherwise you can’t play much on Beldum CD, although you will have one day of rest before CD.


Well, no, I get back and then play bad at a football game until 10 pm.


They died catching an ampharos



@Pokemon. I had to set a reminder for myself, otherwise I’ll forget it I think. Once you’re back you’ll be my second Best Friend.


I’ll probably open his gift he sent to me in next 3 days unless he doesn’t want me to for some reason.


You can open my gift, just saying it to @Jormdeworm because I want to use a lucky egg.


Still waiting to hear from cup if he wants to use Lucky Egg


I just came back from Yosemite lol


No way, you live in Cali? @darksylveon1


Are you going now @Pokemon