Buddy for the event


Just curious as to what people will be walking. I think it funny to walk a pigey and get that evolution XP.


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Mareep, larvitar, chansey. Have 91 m candy, 116 l candy and i got blissey. Soo i hope to evolve both mareep and larvitar before i go.more with blisey


I am walking snorlax as my buddy just because I wanna power up mine to 3k but I would do dragonite too


Larvitar the whole week. It took me over 2 months of walking to evolve my 100% Larvitar into a T-Tar (never seen one in the wild), so now it’s time to power up the Christmas tree topper.


If you’re very active on Gym placement then that’s a good idea. I would definitely wait until the highly expected Gym Rework comes out to power up any 'mon. You never know how unexpected the meta can shift.


I’ll be starting with my grimer to get the last few candies before my muk.
Then probably some porygon to grind out porygon2,
After that, some unholy combination of mareep, larvitar, and snorlax. Have a 42cp 100 iv snorlax… lots of work to do with it


I’m debating going in for the last 50 candies I need for Mareep … but that’s 50 Chansey candy I’m giving up


I’m going to share my thought process of how to I’m going to choose my buddy in case if it’s helpful at all to anyone else :sweat_smile:

I have 74 Mareep candies so this event could help me get my pokedex Ampharos but I don’t have a good IV Mareep to evolve.

But I also have my only Tyranitar 97% IV just over 2000 CP with 5 candies with Iron Tail/Fire Blast :neutral_face: so this event could help me either max it out (I’m a level 34 player) or get a second one with better movesets - but I doubt I’d get another good IV larvitar to evolve…

And then my other option is Blissey - I’ve only caught about 6 Chansey EVER, including the Valentines Day event, and walked my only good IV one to evolve into Blissey for a astonishing CP of just over 1200 with only 1 candy… :neutral_face: so this event could help me max it out

I did some calculations for how much I’d need to walk to get just the prefect amount of candies per option (TotalKm).
I basically did the amount of candies I need to reach my goal © multiplied by the regular km count to obtain 1 candy from your chosen buddy (BuddyRegKm), and in my case all my chosen options are 5 km, divided by 4 (4x as quick to obtain candy when walking your buddy).

:rotating_light: Km needed to Obtain Candy Goal during Rock Event Formula:
© x (BuddyRegKm) / 4 = (TotalKm)

You can get the amount of candies you need to get to your goal through many different sites and apps that help you calculate power ups and evolutions, etc. but I won’t go into that. But I promise they’re not hard to find :relaxed:

For the purpose of the candy/km calculations, I won’t be including the factor of increased larvitar family spawns to catch/get candy because I don’t know for certain whether or not I’d even find any :sweat: so it’s not measurable for this.

Also, when I say “PER DAY” I divided the km # from the formula by 7 assuming I would get 7 full calendar days of the event

:checkered_flag: Here is what I came up with for my choices:
• to get my Pokedex Ampharos: walk just under 49 km which would mean I could probably complete in 4-5 days
• to max out my Tyranitar: walk 25 km PER DAY
• to evolve another Tyranitar: walk just under 22 km PER DAY
• to max out my Blissey: walk just under 30 km PER DAY

Of course this is if I can obtain my goal within the timeframe of the event which for me, isn’t likely for the last 3 options. However, it gets me closer to my goal after the event is over.

You can see how close you can get to your goal by modifying the formula with your estimated km walk distance per day to get an estimated candy count.

With the help of algebra (stay in school kids :wink: ) , you can do the km you hope to walk within the event (TotalKm) divided by (BuddyRegKm) multiplied by 4 (quickness multiplier to get how much candy to expect from your buddy during the event ©

:rotating_light: Expected Candy from your Buddy during Rock Event Formula:
© = (TotalKm) / (BuddyRegKm) x 4

For example, if you choose a buddy that regularly gets 1 candy per 5 km and you know you walk an average of 10 km per day, you can assume you’d walk 70 (7 days x 10 km per day) km within the event. This would be your (TotalKm)
So 70 (TotalKm) / 5 (BuddyRegKm) x 4 = 56 candies to expect from your buddy

For me, the 10 km per day is more realistic so I can expect at least 56 candies from this event from either Tyranitar, Mareep, or Blissey which means I can definitely get my Pokedex Ampharos!
But because of how ridiculously uncommon Chansey and Blissey are for me and where I live (which is another factor to put into play that I again, won’t go into. This is long enough :see_no_evil: ), I want to be that 56 candies closer to maxing out my Blissey :blush:
Plus, I’m hoping I’ll see more of the larvitar family in the wild during the event for those candies
And I’m in no rush to complete my pokedex with Ampharos being one of my last,
but that’s just me :blush:

Wow, this was such a long post :sweat_smile:
I hope it’s helpful to at least one person!!


Cool little chart. For me, it’s gotta be Snorlax. 2 98%s and even more options past that


I’m going to work off Gen 1 by walking with my Grimer (38 candy now). After that I’m going to see how much geodude/rhyhorn/Onix will be found. Chansey, dratini or larvitar will probably be walking the most.


Magicarp for the candies for my shiny


im defo going in with my Mareep to get the final stretch for the flaffy amphros - need to walk 12km for all of it - sounds easy in a week :smiley:


Few more steps for Steelix. Mareep is next. Hopefully by the end of the event I can evolve Steelix, Kubotops and Ampharos by catching and using them as buddies.


Someone suggested if you have nothing to walk and is so undecided, why not walk pidgeys and contribute it to the inevitable mass evolve - not a bad idea should you have nothing to walk!


I’m working on Togepi right now. Next I plan to evolve Mareep. Then ill do Cyndaquill.


First of is marrep. Then larvitar(if i dont fint 1 more in the wild. Have 118 candy and with a dubble candie berry im in:) Last would be blissey or snorlax


such a nice reward for walking a lot this week xD


First I’ll walk chansey (almost done) and then mareep


how many km to go for chansery / mareep dude?