Bring Answer and make poll back please


Please bring it back thorend jormdeworm bagguille


Why not? It was fun.




Done, but I believe you will be unhappy that it is back as I am holding you responsible if things get off track and questions aren’t given with polls.


Just a warning for regulars who post in the topic, especially @Pokemon:

“To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days:

  • Must not have been suspended or silenced“

The page I got this from says that a regular that falls below these requirements will be demoted to member, so be careful


Does this pertains only on that topic “Answer and Make Poll”?


I think @Thorend means polls in general


Suspensions for people will only be in Answer and Make Poll unless someone becomes a problem.

However polls will be deleted and topics may be closed and users will be warned if they are not formatted in other topics.

It is impossible to cast am informed vote if you do not know what the poll is requesting without information you don’t know if you are voting for best or worst, meta relevant or know, your favorite or least favorite. If people are not on the same page then the poll is meaningless.



So if someone messes up I get blamed , right?


You begged to open the thread, you begged more. I opened it but I’m putting the burden of responsibility on you.

I’ll happily close it again if you want, but if your want it open you are responsible for the content of the thread.


Don’t worry we’re all a team on go hub we’ll all help you


Yup… All should just play by the rules…


That shouldn’t be so hard. Just use the gray blob and don’t get mad if someone tels you you went of track, just correct you mistake.