[BREAKING] Anti-bot security tool activated


Niantic officials have confirmed (via reddit) that the new anti bot security tool has been activated on their end.

If you want to see the Pokemon Go hub posts: https://pokemongohub.net/post/breaking-news/niantic-confirms-new-anti-bot-security-tool-activated/

Finally some anti-bot tool has been activated but as far as I know the accounts that are against the rules don’t get banned. This accounts do not see rare, evolved and evolutions but they can play, catch and interact with pokestops and gyms.

Is that tool enough?? Should Niantic start to block accounts? Share your thoughts :fire::snowflake:️:zap:️


My fear is that they would ban non-spoofers. I tend to teleport a few hundred yards away at times. Bad gps signal and crappy phone. Can’t control it. Happens in buildings with poor coverage. I’m willing to accept not seeing some pokemon, but not bans.

I think this is a first step. Hope it helps. Give it some time to see how it goes


I guess that smaller, less disruptive steps, like blinding for rares, or disabling purchases in the Pokéstore, are easier to justify and allow a bigger error margin for Niantic


Hi @apavlinovic @jbaucom totally agree. Is true that trainers usually make huge distance jumps for whatever reasons. The error margin is something to take in consideration as you said but there are some other ways to prevent spoofers teleport to catch certain Pokemons.

Time ago, I do not know if that still active, when somebody did a long distance travel the account remained active but the user was not able to catch pokemons for 2 hours or something like that.

Could be this a good solution for teleporting? To block any interactions during a certain time that way if somebody teleports to catch a pokemon it will disspear before being able to catch it.


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eu estou recebendo alguns relatos, que a niantic esta proibindo os jogadores que estao com as contas
sinalizadas de fazer compras na lojas eu mesmo sou exemplo disso veja a imagem a baixo.
Uma so aparece pokemoedas e a outra nao aparece absolutamente nada