Brag about items


Post your items. Brag about quantity! you saved up rare candies? star pieces? raid passes!?

Brag on!



you got a big phone lol.



Raid ready!


Oh yeah buddy used to have a lot more been testing my soloing skills


Nice, most i used was ultra box for shinx and gave up on it. No shiny luck for that mon.


I understand that I’ve done about 20 of those raids still no shiny I try to do all one star raids just to get shinies especially Magikarp still never got one of those either from a raid had to trade for it


I have 150 pokeballs and 4 sinnoh stones, us that good, or am I a noob?


915 Rare Candies


I rarely use anything else than Pinaps. I’m now using Nanab Berries for Field Research though.


For the most part I just try to keep pineapples and golden the rest get used to level up gyms


Have 28 Sinnoh stones. Last week got 8 in a row… 7 days on the duel with the leader and the weekly research. Now, if i can find some more Lickytung and Tangela i can evolve the 2 i will use the Sinnoh. :smiley:


I have more than enough raid passes. I usually delete the red balls to create space.:smiley:


True raider! wow


Damn bro


Anyone got updates


Im low on rare candies now, how could this happen


I got 60 right now That’s the most I’ve ever had Trying to save up for gen 5