Boosts and Nerfs


Mine had 200 speed and sp attack


All the eeveelutions should be as tanky as vaporean and hit as hard as jolteon in my opinion. I would like to also see jynx and lapras be both great attackers with bulk. Nidoking and queen suck. With names like that you’d think they’d be powerful but nope. Absol needs more bulk. I guess what I’m saying here is that I wish glass cannons had some sort of defensive boost in battle and vice versa for bulky pokémon.

Here are moves I’d like to see in Pokémon Go and for which pokémon they should go to.

NOTE: All charge moves have a dual bar.

Top Tier Pokémon Move(s)
Sudowoodo Just Kidding
Mewtwo Dream Eater
Tyranitar Foul Play
Groudon Precipice Blades
Zapdos Sky Drop w/ Fly
Zapdos Wild Charge
Ho-oh Gust w/ Sky Attack
Ho-oh Flame Charge w/ Sacred Fire
Kyogre Origin Pulse
Gyarados Surf
Low Tier Pokémon Move(s)
Heracross Reversal (fighting)
Heracross Pin Missile (bug)
Arcanine Flare Blitz or Burn Up
Alolan Golem Spark
Golem Smackdown w/ Rock Slide
Scizor Steel Wing
Venusaur Venoshock
Blaziken Flare Blitz
Blaziken Sky Uppercut (fighting)
Armaldo Smack Down
Armaldo Bug Bite w/ X-Scissor
Omastar Smack Down
Omastar Surf
Aerodactyl Wing Attack w/ Sky Attack
Aerodactyl Smack Down
Kabutops Smack Down w/ Rock Slide
Ursaring Scratch w/ Up Roar
Nidoking Venoshock w/ Sludge Bomb
Donphan Mudslap w/ Bulldoze


Nice list.


Thats his stat, not base stat
For comparison, Chandelure, a pure-bred special attacker witg gigantic special attack of 145 has just as high attack as Pikachu


The move on Sudowoodo is so funny, :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is that a move? Just kidding, know it’s not.


Umbreon is not that bad. It can take quite a beating. I usually leave it when filling out Eeveelution Gyms.


Lol it’s not. Sorry.


Doesn’t it deserve a move like that LOL?


It was a joke. My post said “Just kidding” in it :joy:


Maybe it deserves a move called “shake shake” :grin::grin::grin:


It’s a pity all the Gen starters are not better and more useful than what the are?


Or "I am Groot ? "




What happens when Arceus joins Pokemon Go.

Super nerf?
Judgement nerf🤷🏾‍♂️


We will immediately judge Arceus :joy:


Just caught this guy while watching Guardians of the Galaxy with the family. Told my wife I just caught Groot.


Pokemon go is more important than that movie :joy:. It is, tho