Blissey attackers


Write down your best blissey attackers.Mine is Alakazam with Focus Blast,Donphan and Ursaring with CCC


I use heracross with c/cc. I find that it works a lot better


Sadly I live in Europe and every Machamp I evolve gets bullet punch/heavy slam -.-


Mine is Exeggutor with Solar Beam charge move. That’s really good!!


My personal list consists of:
Heracross with c/cc
Machamp with c/cc or c/dp
Pinsir with Rock Smash/cc
Exeggutor with c/sb
What do you think of this list?


Just use my highest cp which are my dragonites and gyarados.
Alakazam: focus blast is strong however the quick move is rubbish( I have psycho cut). What u guys reckon?
Ursaring: even with Counter/Close Combat its low stamina makes them easy to get wrecked. Fast Aataxker but need another Pokemon to finish off. But will have sufficient time regardless of the Pokémon after just as long as they have ok attack power.
Exxegutor: never tried but sounds interesting may do some experiment with this x


Two Ursarings with Close Combat.


Standard Dnite with a pinch of Gyarados and Tyranitar.


The 2 that I use the most are Machamp with karate chop/stone edge and Pinsir with rock smash/close combat.


I just picked up a good IV Pinsir with that combo. I’m debating trying him some.

  1. Rock throw/stone edge(or earthquake) golem - quake would prolly deal the best dmg overall but is slower and more open to special hits. With stone edge you literally can crack the same time that blisseys beam message reads and still have time to dodge. Wrecks the absolute worst. Solo kills on under cp.
  2. Psycho Cut/Future Sight Alakazam (my main is psychic, but testing this on alt is incredible) - Big chief glass cannon. Doesn’t have the health to solo, but I like him as a second slot backup to golem (you know, can’t be awesome all the time. I could miss a dodge here and there).


I just evolved a Poliwrath with rock smash and dynamic punch. Havent had the time to test against blissey but got high hopes


Machamp C/DP
Dragonite DT/HB
Alakzam C/FST

And if I loose my hp I go to
Ampharos VS/FB
Hitmonlee RS/CC
Donfan C/EQ
Been trying new mons they all work for me as long as the cp is high I use them against my blisseys to test cause around here I’ve only seen a few over 2700 I’m in Maryland


Usually Donophan c/hs
Rhydon MS/SE
or either of my ursarings with c/cc each (i dont have the best pokemon)
Super close to getting my blissey too, i unfortunately fell down with a cold during Adventure week and couldnt go outside due to me puking basically every 10 minutes… so i couldnt get any more walking dont :\


Combo Attacks :slightly_smiling_face: High CP Rhydon and Typhlosion
•Rhydon | Rock Smash & Stone Edge :warning:
Has to faint against the Blissey, followed by
•Typhlosion Fire Spin & Overheat