Best Research Quest Rewards Received


Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had gotten any good research quests rewards to look out for. The newest one that I completed was this one right here:

So, if you have a picture will you post it here?


Strange… I have completed two today, but there’s no entry about this in my diary…the oldest entry of today is from 5:47 PM, the next is from 4/15/2018 11:54 PM


5 hatched eggs and a Chansey


I guess Moltres


“Three great throws in a row” for three rare candy, and “Evolve 5 fire pokemon” for a wild Flareon encounter.


Win 5 raids. Thyplosion spawn. Hahahaha i dunno if it’s okay, but it brought back Pokemon Gold feels.


Ended up with a 98% from the same research task. Sometimes it can pay off!


That’s for “Three excellent throws in a row”


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