Bellossom vs what?


Anyone got a high powered Bellossom? I have a 90aa one but I’ve not got teh stardust to power it up, wondering if other had any experience of if it was worth it?


I have a 76 IV 1738 CP Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade one and I have tried it one or twice against a Vaporeon. As far as I can remember it wasn’t very usefull.

But I guess it can be usefull as a prestiger against Ground/Rock/Water mons.


This is my Bellossom. Have not tested her but you can see max CP at the shown IV.


That’s a nice one.

What app do you use to get those numbers/pop up?


Calcy IV. It’s an app based on Screenshots, it takes a Screenshot of the text while the Pokémon entry is opened and calculates everything. You don’t log in with the game account or anything like that.


Thx! Unfortunaltely I can’t use it on my Iphone. I have to look for another one.

Edit: Found one called Poke Genie.


For me, it’s just full fill my pokedex.