Before trying mystery box


I see the mystery box repeatedly likened to meltan incense. Does this include the way that incense needs the trainer to walk around for it to trigger the frequent spawns? (If I open the box and just sit at my desk, will meltans spawn there?)

My question is motivated by the fact that I’ve got a half hour to play right now, but not with the freedom to walk around much just yet. And I don’t want to waste the box…


Meltsn box gives you the same amount of meltan no matter what you are doing.


100% Confirmed as what Pokemon says.
My friend bought a Switch on an impulse buy last weekend. She reached the stage and got her Mystery Box Tuesday and I got mine off her on the Wednesday.
She opened hers at home and caught all the Chamber Pots on the Couch and got 19.
I walked mine the whole 30mins and got the same.


Thanks a ton for the great recon!


Thanks @NotanotherKangaskhan.


I still have 1 day to wait before I can start catching the chamber pots again


Well thaz good to know


My ‘thanks’ was directed towards you both. I proceeded to open the box at my desk last night and was pleased to see exactly what y’all said. Nineteen meltans… nice.

With their small size and the way they spawn right under your trainer’s feet, it’s possible to overlook a spawn. So if you don’t notice anything after about a minute of waiting, look under you.

Too bad neither Poke Genie nor Calcy IV has any idea what a Meltan is (I’d like to compare their IV values to decide which of the 19 are most worth keeping.)


I use Poke Genie on iPhone 6s and it gives me IV no problem.


After updating my Poke Genie (which hadn’t auto-updated in awhile), it works just as you showed. (Except the best IV of my haul was a 72. Thanks for the tip!


I started using Poke Genie only yesterday after I saw this post. This App is veeeeery nice, comes in handy.


The ipad app is awful, it makes you screenshot and switch to the app, not loke the phone apps where it captures the screen.


But playing on ipad also has benefits…like lightning fast gameplay…virtually no lag