Battle Showdown!


Shame PUP is trash


@bagguille looks like Hulk is in the game now!


That also confirms there wont be a Machop CD :frowning:




Yeessss, I was waiting for him, and at the end Niantic has heard my crying :japanese_ogre::heart_eyes::japanese_ogre:


I really had hoped for a CD or a raid day etc. for Machop/Machamp… But it is what it is… An event with new shinies and double stardust. Let’s get the best out of it… :grinning:
But Machop alone would have been enough, no need for shiny Mankey…


Man. Power Up Punch seems kinda awful. I was really waiting for that one too.

Shiny Mankey is yet another shiny that isn’t all that different from the original.

… and what is their obsession with the “sickly green” color! lol


But there’s really no move that could jack Machamp up


It shines best in PvP, where it guarantees a boost in Attack. Medicham is already terrifying in Great League, and with this move, paired with Dynamic Punch as a secondary move? Yikes.


Ice Punch is a better secondary, but yeah
Sadly, GL Medicham is really the only use, other fighting types are too frail and too weak to threats in Ultra League like Lugia or Giratina