August research box is Raikou!


Windows doesnt know about summer time?


Don’t know if everybody has that issue, but some website show the same error. I triple check the countdown timer, so that should be correct.


Shouldnt EVERYBODY know what the UTC offset of his time zone is?


Why? it’s is not that useful in daily life unless you do something in international (or for very big nations, countrywide) business.


Just caught my 1st 100%IV Raikou. :sunglasses:

[Regional] Dutch Pokémon GO player chat
Field reaserch 7th day breakthrough

Congratulations, so jealous of you. The move set is good.


I’m so happy. Can’t sleep and it is like 00:34/12:34am. Still to hyped.


Make sure you favorite it. I will make sure I pinap every one this month


I always favorite any Pokémon before I do anything. Just to prevent stupid mistakes.

I scipped a day in research so that on August the 1st 22:00 local time, I would be ready for Raikou. :smile:


Ya, I favorite it whenever the appraisal is 82%+, then decide later on whether to keep it or not.


That’s not the case actually today which happens to be within August,I received my 7th research,the first of which I obtained ever since July,and I was compensated with a Snorlax


It only changes at 9pm UTC.


Rare candy It like you mean it.


I got a ******* snorlax
Bad ivs
And i still dont have any 100iv after playing for more then 2 years
Your extremely lucky witj everything lol


And thats the case with pretty much every single videogame announcements?
Basic knowledge


WTG … Hope you had your namesake as a celebration :rofl:

I will get my first one in a few days … since I’m in New Zealand, maybe I can get partial Dutch luck on the IVs :+1:


Did put the countdown timer down to prevent the Snorlax reward. Too bad not everyone saw it in time.


I just went ahead and took my Snorlax last Friday, knowing 7 days from then would be the 3rd. So me and my boy are ready to get our first Raikous at midnight tonight. With 31 days in July, I can still get 5 of them.


As long as you get the 1st Raikou by August 3rd, and don’t miss a day on the stamps, you can get 5 Raikou this month