August research box is Raikou!


Its Raikou!

We're getting Raikou in Field Research Breakthrough!
We're getting Raikou in Field Research Breakthrough!

AAAAAAAH NO WAY! Thx @Kevin_v_Hoften


What do you think of this?


Wish it could be shiny
Guess Ill have to wait for raids… To crumple him with the power of the Continent Pokemon


It’s the one I have been waiting for since this Field Research tasks began several months ago!!!


So we should have all 3 Legendary Dogs by October.


Cant wait 4 electrics…got tons of them…


Only just finished Maxing out my 93% 15 attack to go with my Maxed out 98%.
A good IV at L15 is going to be costly if I get a good IV.
Apart from the 100% Articuno all my other 7 day Quests have been disgusting IV’s that went straight to the Candy Grinder.


1pm PDT is 10pm CEST(Netherlands, Germany) zo if you finish on the first(like me) wait untill 10pm/22:00. Or you het another Snorlax.


Yeah! I can finakly get my first one since i completely missed out on raikou


I missed all legendary beasts


Went ahead and got Smorlax this morning. So I’ll get Raikou on the 3rd.




I only have one body slam snorlax


Ever laid under one? You get smored. :rofl:


Jesus, I’m running low on rare candy! Just upgraded a 96% Zapdos from ZapDay. I’ll make an effort, because I totally missed Raikou raids…too bad it’ll be so expensive on my stardust.


I normally use my rare candy on whatever my buddy is at the time. But now I don’t have anything left to evolve, so I’m saving it for Gen 4.


Will my research that finishes on the second still be Snorlax? Haven’t seen anything about that, and I kinda want it to be one.


No, it will be Raikou.


We have to be patient, it’s almost there. Do not finish your Field Research or you will get Snorlax and miss out on Raikou!!!

August 1, 1:00 p.m. PDT it starts. PDT is UTC -7. Watchout, do no use the clock on you pc. I found some errors in it.
(Exaple: The Netherlands is currently in UTC +2 but Windows tells you it’s UTC +1)

Removed the clock. System downloaded the image, the clock didn’t work anymore.:shushing_face:

Click on the link below for a countdown timer if your stuck with the timezone conversion stuff…