Articuno catch topic [Duplicate Topic]


Just caught my 3rd for June. Spent a shit load of pinap berries and Ultra balls though.


Lol i only have 1


Caught my second yesterday, now have got a 1227 and 1207 from research


One throw away and last one was 100%. First keeper from the Quest Birds.
Today used to be my claim day but I had a couple of Pokemon free days last week so stuffed it all up.


Got two, one with 14 attack and best moveset. Are you planning to max out that 100% one?


I’ve got two so far. Higher one is 1222 CP


Just enough days left in June to get 2 more. So what will we get next month? Entei or Raikou?


already a topic


Actually yes this is a duplicate


Then delete it. I’m pretty sure this is first thread I ever started.


Besides this