Are You Working on Pokemon Genders Dex?


I just recently completed my non-regional G1+G2 dex (yay!!!). As I looked through my dex, I noticed that I managed to get like 2/3 of pokemon that have both male and female versions, through mass evolve. So, I’m now actively working on completing the genders dex.

You can tell if you are missing a pokemon of a particular gender by looking at the evolve button (and at the dex, of course). If it is grayed out, then you don’t have it. In the dex, if it is a dashed circle, then that version is still missing.

How’s your progress on the pokemon genders dex?


Yes I am, although before I seriously strive for it, I’m hoping Niantic fixes the dex to include genders of Pokemon caught before the update came through (like I’ve evolved into 2 Venusaurs in the past, yet the dex shows neither gender acquired for Ivysaur or Venusaur).


Funny part is that you can evolve a Slobro Female into a SloKing. Never really bothered about the gender, will cross the bridge when it comes.


Yeah, i’m working at it, and I have 170 couples of both sex, but it makes it really hard to have enough space, because I don’t want them only in the Pokedex, I’m saving them real in any of their evolution stages. :unamused:


Not enough space with only 1000, especially with Gen 3 on the way


Quick question I have a female charziard , it was my 1St one ever I made it with 125 candies and it does not show in my pokedex the male shows just not the female icon , it should be red and it’s just the outline like I have never found one !!! Am I missing something this is my 1St Pokémon game ever but I’m really good at this I have been told by fellow players !


I was waiting if somebody can give you a good answer, I can’t explain it.
I have both genders of the three starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, and the three of them show up correctly in the Pokedex.