Are We All Holding Our Breath Waiting for New Stuff?


'Cause it’s pretty quiet here…

Ok, let’s see if we can distract ourselves here while waiting for something to happen…

  1. How much time do you pokemon during weekday?
  2. Weekend?


On weekdays i’m in the city, living above a pokestop and with like 4-5 pokemon spawning per hour. So even if i have to be at home all the time i can get some xp/dust etc.
There are also a few hotspots nearby to stack up items or find cool nestpokemon.

In the weekend, i go to my parents. There the nearest pokestop is 2km away. So in the weekend it is more trying to not end my streaks instead of grinding xp


I do maybe 30-60mins in weekday, less at w/e as family time. As Chaos said, at w/e it’s tying to keep streak going :slight_smile:


I try to do about 30 mins a day, and the same on the weekend. Don’t have a lot of data though, so I can’t do it for long.


Oh my gosh if Niantic does not drop something soon my head might explode. I’m fortunate enough to work for myself. That said, on weeks where I am not overloaded, I often spend 2 hours a day playing. That doesn’t equal a lot of exp, as I live in a very rural area so I try to find trails to walk on while I play so I can combine physical stuff with the game. Fortunately some trails about 45 minutes away are really good nests. I actually play a bit less (about 30 mins to an hour) on the weekends because I have to make a lot of deliveries. I do often get to spin pokestops in other towns due to this (on the weekends) though.


About 2 hours on weekdays…after work. I work in the heart of Guadalajara MX so theres alot of pokestops and its a grass and water biome.
The weekends are a bit more difficult because i am busy with house chores or family functions.


Unown and shiny hunting for a few hours each day
Almost all weekend long too


My go plus is always connected, that means that I’m playing the game 12+ hours per day. Or are you asking, while the app is open on my phone then it’s more like 2+…