Are Niantic's shadow bans and anti-bot algorithums working to deter Couch Commanders?


It’s been almost two weeks since GoHub reported on Rocket Maps and their inability to find a work around for the new anti bot security tool Niantic implemented. I’m wondering how Niantic’s new bans have effected the Couch Commanders. Is it still possible for them to teleport from gym to gym without getting banned?

I have a lvl 40 Spoofer in my town, FireAntD, and I’ve caught him spoofing at the same gym I always catch him spoofing at even after Niantic implemented the bans.


It is. If the gym isn’t at their current location, they can simply walk to another gym. As far as I know, it isn’t possible to teleport anymore without getting banned.


Shadow ban doesn’t help much against spoofers and bots as far as Gyms are concerned. More over sitting at level 40 they already have what they wanted. Stardust and coins are the things they are after.