ARCore Phones - What do you have?


So, I just upgraded my phone today to a Huawei P20 Pro… of the 3 or 4 phones I could get as a free upgrade, it seems to have the specs I wanted and was listed as being ARCore compatible.

Pokemon Go crashes every time. After some research it seems hit/miss with these phones based on which version it is. ie. I have CLT-L04 (C792)… Huawei forum has a 7 month old thread of users who can’t get it working so looks like Huawei/Google aren’t in a rush to fix it. But I also read someone with a CLT-L09 has one and works fine.

So… screw the Google official list of phones that work with ARCore… what do you guys have? I have 2 weeks to decide to keep or exchange the phone and although a rather useless feature, I hate getting something new being told a feature will work, and it doesn’t.

So… what do YOU have and know from personal experience to work with ARCore?


Went from iphone5s to iphone7. The difference is beyond belief. Any other iphone above 7 is probably even better than what i currently have. I am happy with it. No problems, crashes anything. If there is any problems with Go, it’s Niantic’s fault and i blame them swiftly.



I’m on a Galaxy A5 2017. Pretty solid here, no crashes with ARCore, so I don’t think Samsung has a problem with it above the J line.


I was debating the A8… Was a coin toss between it and the Huawei… The s8 and s9 have the curved edges, which I dislike, though would take curved edges over an iPhone any day. :slight_smile: