Arceus to be EX Raid or Special Research reward?


I’d say special research. Like you said, you should only be able to have one, the same way we only have one Mew and will most likely only get one Celabi. Special research is the better choice in my opinion.


I think it will be a research reward. Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, they are all connected to nature. Arceus, the creator of all Pokemon, for goodness sake! It perfectly fits that theme. I think the next EX Raid boss will be Regigas, or at least another Pokemon made for battle.


Shut up…Let the Unreleased Legendries Release first and than we make the group active with this type of posts



  • Field Research

  • Raids


  • Special Research

This is what I think, but I can’t know it.


Or… no :slightly_smiling_face:


But should Arceus be a normal legendary or an EX Raid and people have loads of them? It’s not technically mythical either so where should it go, all purely hypothetical of course…


Could be EX raid otherwise tier 5 raid. We will see later I guess.


Keep Mewtwo as Ex Raid.

Make Arceus a special field research so everyone has a chance to get it.

  • YES- Arceus should be in EX Raids
  • NO- Arceus should NOT be in EX Raids. ABOLISH THEM

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No more EX raids please. Only Mew2 and that’s enough.


For completing 10000 quests we get a free level 1 mewtwo


That would probably work, maybe


It’s better to close this post till all Gen3 Pokemons released


I would say abort ex raid and make mewtwo special research


Gone too far off topic @Joshhack @thorend



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@Stridey10 Please! We don’t need to close EVERYTHING that has a thought that isn’t what the topic was made for!


It’s not a needed topic it’s no where here being released


Um, this is the Generation IV section, it exists for a reason. Also, we’re allowed to speculate and have ideas about the future.


I don’t have the plan that Niantic will change the ex raid I just hope that mew two becomING availability from the not ex raid