Appraisal Rework, New PvP UI, Charge Mini Game and Team Rocket in 0.149.0 update


Does the new Poke Genie ever ask for the appraisal information anyway? It seemed like we had to enter it every time for one of the recent T5 bosses (Kyogre, maybe?), and now I can’t seem to find anything that makes it ask for the appraisal info. Cresselia, Kyogre, Groudon, Mewtwo, Raikou, and Entei all get Poke Genie results right away.

Did the new appraisal system eliminate the ambiguity of having multiple possible values? That seems hard to believe.

(Oops, never mind. Just noticed if I delete the Poke Gene record for a Kyogre, I’m asked for the appraisal values the next time I request a Poke Genie rating for it.)


You don’t have to use a calculator to get the IV percentage in this updated version of appraisal system.

Addition: set a target IV, for example 90%, so the sum of all 3 stats (attack defense and stamina) must be at least 41 to have at least 90% IV because 0.9*45 is rounded up to 41. That is a simple addition method.

Subtraction: consider the appraisal graph has 45 mini-bars (each stat has 15 mini-bars). If 1 mini-bar is missing that is 98%, if 2 is missing that is 96%, if 3 is missing that is 93%, if 4 is missing that is 91%, if 5 is missing that is 89%, and so on.


If you dont scan the appraisal, it cant know what does your team leader say and only goes by the CP, Level and HP
But yes, this one tells you tbe exact values, no ambiguity


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