APK mining a small hinting update


Well guys i just went through the assets folder and im surprised to see the amount of data Niantic has added earlier the folder contained 1997 files but it has now 2290 files,So the datamine is gonna take some real time BTW i will start mining tonight(always late to the job :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).
In my opinion those are the redundant Gen3 files so Hype!!!
or else why so many Asset filesā€¦

The reason I'm fed up with silph research group

If itā€™s 0.84 it may be just additional code thatā€™s for bug fixes, but, if that isnā€™t global_metadata.dat file, i recommend you continue on with data mining, maybe youā€™ll discover something huge and hype train will depart! (or whatever)



How about all theseā€¦


In Spain we would say: ā€œHostiaā€¦ā€ā€¦ there are more material which needs determination for which use it is, than I never seenā€¦

Imagines are floating in my mindā€¦ a Buddy you can send out with a cameraā€¦ Something you can earn and which will activate an incubator to a superactivityā€¦ a situation where you need more than balls to explore somethingā€¦ and the word Questā€¦ I would love to see quests which have to be fullfilled to earn something specialā€¦


Even im in a doubt after mining all, this cmon im just a dataminer not god who knows everything.


Dreaming is free, anyway if there are other interpretationsā€¦