Anyone got Riolu/Lucario?


Anyone get Riolu or Lucario yet? just wanna see a picture :smirk:


Actually just found it hatches from 10KM egg…thats tough to get a Lucario


Lucario is out?


yes he is in 10 km egg


Riolu hatches out 10km eggs,Not Lucario


well he is the evolution line i thought that would of been clarity… if riolu is in game so is lucario.


My brother just hatched one from a 10K


i want!!! :raising_hand_man:t5::raising_hand_man:t5::raising_hand_man:t5::raising_hand_man:t5:i dont even got a 10K egg. ;(


So far he’s the first one in our town with one


I got a 10Km egg hopefully its Riolu


I’ve seen Riolu as people’s buddies but yet to see a Lucario.


I got a 10KM Egg as well, but it hatched the fat Snorlax… :neutral_face:


So no one else is hashtag one yet


just got Riolu.


Lucario? I haven’t even gotten a Ludicolo, yet… :man_shrugging:

I’d probably need to play full-time for months just to catch up. I’m still celebrating that I captured both a shiny Growlithe and shiny Murkrow last week.


I got 2 10km eggs cooking right now. Hopefully I’ll get lucky.


I need both of those. Shiny growlith been out of my grasp😍


I keep getting Chansey from my 10km eggs​:sob::sob::sob:


Got mine


I’ve had 1 10k egg since Gen 4 Dropped and that gave me a throw away Trapinch. All I seem to get atm is 2k and a few 5k Eggs. I refuse to put crappy 2k Eggs in any Incubator other than the Infinity. All the 5’s are in Super Incubators as I have heaps of them from Gift Boxes. I was getting a good drop of 10k Eggs up until Gen 4 arrived.
Didn’t realise how many had built up. Started using them up from the start of September. Down to 48 now.