Anyone else not have a Mewtwo


I still don’t have one and hope it will appear in research boxes.


You are not alone. I hope Mewtwo will be available through research and through raids again, but this time we should be able to get Lucky Raid Passes and do the raids solo.


i didnt because of school and im in grade 7 in canada, so i say this: F**K SCHOOL


You are not the only one😔


lets make the “Give your mewtwos to the ones that didnt get one Foundation”


I gave my son’s scout leader a Mewtwo last week because she didn’t get one. I see no reason to keep more than the one I powered up, and plan to trade the rest.


solo-ing a level 5 raid is not the solution.

Yes it sucks you didn’t get a mewtwo, but destroying a major part of the gameplay (raiding with others) just because you didn’t get a mewtwo in 14 months EX-ing and over a month of T5’s is not a good idea.
And raids are a huge part of the game now, there is no denying that.
Mewtwo is a special pokemon, solo-ing him will castrate the poor kitty.


Nope no Mewtwo here either


Did you read my topic: Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)?


I did, and i don’t like the idea. This would help urban players more then rurals.
Also, again, you’re destroying a major part of the game core gameplay


I don´t have it. 2 ex-raids and 1 raid, used 34 balls, could not catch any. Not even with Golden berry and excellent curveball… those 3 just got the last laugh the one for the raid got all 9 balls into excellent curveball, it would just break it after the second shaking.
Same thing with Deoxys. 2 ex-raids, one only had 8 balls. That thing didn´t want to stay on the ball in any possibility.
A guy with 7 accounts, got 6 of them, just failed one. :expressionless:


sorry to hear that. However catching EX raid pokemon should be near 100% catchrate if you have some skills.
And i say this with 48 mewtwo done and 47 caught, and a 100% catchrate sofar on all 4 deoxys i did.

Mewtwo has had since the start a 6% base catchrate in EX raids. With berry, curve and excellent you’d get up to over 45% catchrate for every ball. Not catching him (or Deoxys) is a rare phenomenon but it can happen.

Normal T5 mewtwo however have a way lower catchrate (the normal 2% base catchrate like any T5 boss) and is way harder to catch.

All you guys who don’t have a mewtwo, no friends who do and can trade?


It doesn’t destroy anything. You can still raid with other people and you need other people for trading. This is for those people who don’t have raid groups because no one plays where they live and for those who play solo because they choose to do so.


No Mewtwo for me either. Hopefully get one through Research.

I like the Raid system, but as a rural player with no one to play with I do find it frustrating to miss out on so much.


Those who play solo because they choose to do so dont deserve a Mewtwo
Otherwise… I think the Lucky Raid Pass should only work on tier 4 and 5s, reduce the level by 2 and elave you with standard timer
And be recieved from breakthrough


??? “Those who play solo because they choose to do so dont deserve a Mewtwo”…

What’s that? “If you don’t play it my way, you don’t have the right to get everything of the game”

No, please, maybe they need more effort, more time. But saying they can’t get it?


They can get it by simply playing with others
Playing alone limits yourself
If you do that, you dont deserve another way to get it


I see, you don’t want to step out your corner. Maybe one day you learn that there are allways more than one way to go forward in life…


So you claim that solo people should get another way to get Mewtwo because… They somehow dont like the one they have, and I should step out of my corner?


What I say is that they have to have a chance to get a Mewtwo (as any other beast in this game) without to play with others.