Anyone Else Get Screwed March 1st?


Anyone else get a bit screwed March 1st?

Had all my research done, and ready for the last one… but waited the extra day to hand in. They say to wait until after 1pm to make sure you get the new Pokemon for the month, so I waited until after 4pm. Handed in my last research task and… a 5th Zapados! Exactly what I was trying to avoid!!!

Very annoyed.



Sorry, I got Regice.


Ya, my 2 friends that play got it as well… but they handed theirs in at like 9pm or the next day.

Niantic needs to drop the multiples per month as well. I got SO MANY Entei and Zaps.


I did mine March 2. But that happened to be my 7 day point. If I’m right on the line, I usually wait until next day.


That stinks, @THRobinson, sorry to hear. A similar thing bit me once last year, but not this time. Like @bobbyjack8 I waited an extra day this time (and it gave me a Registeel). That was disappointing (since I was hoping for the Ho-oh) but not outright unjust.

Is it worth reporting to Niantic? (Do they ever right those kinds of wrongs?)

Hopefully your next breakthrough reward will be exactly what you’re looking to get.


If it was 4PM in your time zone and you dont live in America, you were too early


Ya, I read online at a few sites to always wait until after 1pm on the 1st of the month just to be sure, so gave it an extra 3 hours. Never had any issues the last 3 times this happened… then this time, another Zapados.

Ho-oh woulda been fine… or a shiny… but not a Zapados.


This happened to me a couple of times in the past never fun


Got my first ever Regice this morning…


Cool, but this isn’t March 1st… :smile:


Yep, same thing for me. Got my 3rd Ho-oh instead of one of the new ones. Oh well…


Ho-oh is still in the box


I got Regirock on the the 4th. And what’s up with the Field Research. I can have 4 at a time now??


Yes, and it’s always been like that. Well, actually… The first slot is for Field Research encounters you did not catch, and the other three are Field Researches you have yet to complete or completed but never opened. And it’s only like this if you don’t catch an encounter from one of the Field Researches.

But keep it on topic please.


Why do people see a post about not getting the new Pokemon on the first of the month, and feel the need to post about what they caught in the 4th/5th of the month?

Absolutely nothing to do with the topic at all.


It has.



So, you’re telling me that there has always been 4 reward slots like this? When I started playing this game in July 2016, there was always 3. This updated on me around the 1st of this month.


there are always 3 unclaimed research tasks if there are more then that means than some of them are completed but unclaimed


My screen has never looked like that. Always been 3. Finished or not.

I just upgraded my phone a few days ago, nice long screen (yes, PokieGenie scans properly again) and I now have room for a 4th bar, game was just installed yesterday and nope… 3 bars only not 4.

Dang… I just checked and nope 3 bars, but there is a raid across the street I can’t quite reach and I’m at work. Sigh.


Yes, there have always been 4 reward slots, but the fourth does only appear if you don’t catch a Research encounter.

And the Researches made there way to Pokémon GO in 2018?