Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed?


I’m the same way. I want just 1 of each, but I don’t get upset if CD doesn’t go my way. I never got Shiny Bulbasaur, but on repeat CD weekend, I finally got Frenzy Plant Venusaur. Not that I’ve ever used him though.


That’s my goal too, but I know it needs patience and luck and most importantly time. I have caught a few shiny at full odd outside of CD, you cannot imagine the surprise of encountering full odd shiny in the wild, to me I remember the location where I caught my full odd shiny.


It’s their way of keeping you to be interested in the game. Funny b4 people didn’t have the motivation to keep playing, now it’s too much.


Maybe that’s my problem… I never needed that additional incentive to keep playing… I even played when it was boring as hell (after the hype when almost all stopped playing) :rofl::crazy_face:

It was just nice to have somthing to do on my walk to the office, so I kept playing… and then the events started…


Me too, I keep playing for the sole purpose of stardust even there is no event or same old common spawns in my area.


I must be an oddity then, I’ve seen like 5 shiny Eevee and 3 shiny Bulbasaur since their events, 1 each was research, 1 was Gotcha’s first shiny catch, and the rest were near where I work. Which I report to my raid group when a 100% or shiny appears, cause shiny twins are a thing. My husband I have identical pokemon that are shiny for both of us, so far Minun, Bayleef and a Metagross.

But the rest of the shinies post community day are event related or Murkrow. I have 4 I found, husband traded me his after she evolved. He hates the bird. I gave him the Gotcha caught shiny Eevee.


I wish we could have a cooldown time between events.
Raids are frantic enough locally since we’re not a huge city or even a large town where I raid. nearly all adults with kids, jobs or both. We have a 12 year old who plays with his mother, and a now 17 year old graduating next year who plays alongside her folks too. Some of our players are grandparents, so they feel the pressure of burnout with all this back to back stuff with no breathing room.

I wish the Stunky would spawn outside of Halloween event, I love Stunky!


They do spawn. I’ve seen them mainly on cloudy days. Less common than Croagunk though.


Yep, Stunky is relatively common in Cloudy Weather here. Well, sometimes. Not always.


I caught a stunky 2 days ago


We need a new Special Research Quest that we can do at a nice leisurely pace. I’ll felt rushed on the Meltan Quest because the spawns dried up too fast. I still 2 Oymanite or Kabutos to finish.


I imagine that a Jirachi Special Field Research isn’t too far behind. I’ve been holding onto evolving my Shiny Wailmer and Shiny Swablu in case they’re needed for this quest.


Same here


Do I need to? K guys I’ll just make another shiny Altaria.
Nope not happening


I have 2 shiny Swablu(e) and a shiny Altaria.
See they are meant to be blue


No shiny Swagold for me.