Anyone a Pokken player?


I want someone to talk to since I just picked up Darkrai. If not, is there a Pokken Hub or something that I can be directed to?


Well yes I play pokken. I guess I can talk to you about it but I don’t know if it’s allowed, considering this is a Pokemon go hub


What are y’all talking about




Darkrai is really good @BobTheGUYYYYY just use his ranges attack and upgrade his attack stat.


@Pokemon I wish it was that easy… ;-; I dropped from C5 to D1 trying to play Darkrai online. I’m just now starting to figure stuff out :joy:


What is this game


Metwo 4 life
What online rank are you?
And what ferrum league?


This is Lavender Town, so it is allowed I believe.


No I mean what is this game and where do I download it


Nintendo switch


It’s called Pokken Tournament


I like playing as Weiville


What ferrum league
What online league


@KingQ07 I’m League master of the Iron, or S tier (basically I’ve beaten the whole thing aside from Mission Panels) and I’m a D1 online. I was a C5 when maining Aegislash, but im trying out Darkrai right now and it’s a lot harder.

How about you?


Weavile was my first Main in the original Pokken :smiley:


Im S rank and D5 online


I don’t play it, but it sounds cool


Yeah it really sounds nice.


U wanna battle sometime?