Any Jump players out there?


Ok. It’s simple. Like, stupid simple. But still kind of a fun little time-waster. And perfect to work in between go trips, as you’ll be playing down your training, then waiting til refresh.

After playing it for a bit first I got a new phone, then decided to start a new game. Solid saved all diamonds til the snorlax. Beastly.

Should I get the charizard or gengar next?


Charizard and Slowpoke are good combination


My first little account before I got a new phone had slowpoke. He takes FOREVER to recharge and doesn’t…actually do anything. He gives you another play on somebody else.

Think imma do charizard though.

Snorlax random encounter is broken as hell too.


Greninja is amazing. Gives tons of JP (in fact the most compared to the others). Might wanna save up for that instead.


Well, looking at my spread I think I could use a good jp popper. Maybe, 80 diamonds away already.

Hint: (after training) “Your on fire! Let’s swim all the way home!”

Equals…Hell yes! Go for that every single time. The drawback from failure is nothing, NOTHING, compared to 7 diamonds paid out.


Oh. I’m also still learning things, and one of the real skill based elements to this game seems to be intelligent use of money. Here’s what I’ve been doing, and help me when I could improve.

I started with training. Everything I got up to level 25. Getting snorlax and powering up taught me the importance of putting love into food. 25 is cool. Leaving that alone for a long time. On to food. Everything to ten, then fifteen, and so on. As I level unlock new training I have to stop food, buy it, and work that new one up to 25 before I go back.

Sound good? I really like the sleepy, fat guy for two reasons. First, the random encounter. Second, he has the unique ability that he gets effectively better every time you power up food. Then the candy dumps and it becomes splitting the focus in power leveling.