🤔 any guesses as to who this Pokémon is?



It’s a Snowy Castform.


I had thought so


Given this particular weather, it’s not common spawn.


@070SHAKES weather’s foggy, they spawn a lot in foggy.


Did ya catch it?


It fled on my way to the pokestop sadly @DJNalu


I keep 2 of each Castform. They are annoying to catch. If I click on it and it is weaker than what I already have, I don’t bother with it.


I have seen snowy and foggy weather like only once😦 I still need the Snowy Castform.


Oh, well just play during early morning and you’ll get another one.


I need one


Me 2, I need a good one, I have a 98 Sunny Cast, but not that one


It never snows here, but saw one nearby once.

Gonna be gone (will make a topic , to a place with snow) but can’t take my phone.

And it is supposed to be amazing for the game.


That rly sucks


Same here, for the ones I have multiples, I keep two of each, one male and one female.


I caught one near a gym unexpectedly