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Fennekins by far the best


Depends on which one pops up when I have the time to go and then I go for the most nearby Raid. :slight_smile:


I couldnt do Zapdos or Articuno (rlly mom?) i did do Moltres, and i only caught one, gengar i nearly got two, but i lagged on the one of the two raids i did, and the only gengar i got had bad IV’s, and i ignored Lapras for reasons i dont want to disclose.


Did slakoth spawn for you on cday?

  • Yes
  • A bit
  • No

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I got 3


When did you start Pokemon go?

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

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I got 1 shiny slakoth😞


Me too, normally when i do at least 2 hours I get more


When I opened my fifth slakoth it was the only shiny slakoth I got


I had a slakoth spawn for me this evening, but it wasn’t shiny.


And Sad life for you @bobbyjack8


Did you enjoy playing Pokémon go

  • Yes,I enjoyed playing Pokémon go
  • No,I don’t enjoy playing Pokémon go

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I enjoy playing Pokémon GO.


Me too


Which Global Research Challenge Bonuses are you most excited about?

  • Candy bonus with possible shiny Raikou
  • XP bonus with possible shiny Entei
  • Stardust bonus with possible shiny Suicune

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  • Shiny Raikou
  • Shiny Entei
  • Shiny Suicine

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  • Pokémon let’s go
  • Pokémon sword and shield

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What is the question?


“Which one do you prefer?” I guess


My son beat Let’s Go in less than a week. Now I annoy him every 3 days to catch Meltans.