Answer and Make Poll


If there is no question or statement to go with the poll then the poll is worthless. You don’t know why you cast the vote.

  • PVP is better than trading (, training, pvp, and new battle system)
  • Trading and friends is better

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PvP is only better right now because it’s new


You are right about that what’s the shine wears off it’ll be just like Trading


Actually just beat my son for first time. He used to always kick my butt on Pokén Tournament. Then I beat him once and haven’t played again. I hope he doesn’t do me like that on this game.


Except you can battle anyone from a distance




Go plus

  • Go plus
  • Gotcha
  • Pokeball plus
  • More than one
  • None

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Which one do you use?


What is your favorite video game?

  • Pokemon go
  • a core series Pokemon game
  • Spinoff Pokemon game
  • nonPokemon game

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  • Lapras
  • Another Lapras

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Which of these type combinations do you like the most

  • Poison Fighting
  • Grass fire
  • Water psychic
  • Psychic steel
  • Ice Dragon
  • Grass electric
  • Electric fairy
  • Water fairy
  • Ice bug
  • Bug steel
  • Fighting fairy
  • Steel water
  • Fire steel
  • Grass Dragon
  • Dragon psychic
  • Psychic fighting
  • Flying Poison
  • Normal flying
  • Flying Ice
  • Grass flying

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do you want team changing to come?

  • no
  • yes

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Mystic will just get better then


What’s the point of being with one team all this time if you’re going to change your team and start battling the team that was originally yours?


This poll will have people voting a lot of different options


Is Lapras on team instinct?

  • Yes
  • No

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Lapras is on all the teams…


We all know Instinct actually is the best team. :wink:


Go Valor! It’s all about POWER!