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Now now we all know blue team is the best


Mystic is best.


Zapdos is best,moltres is 2nd best, articuno is worst


No in actual use it is

  1. Moltres (best fire as of right now)
  2. Zapdos (second best electric, meta relevant type)
  3. Articuno (barely used pokemon and type, overshadowed by Mamoswine and Glaceon)
  • Yes I agree with you
  • No I do not agree

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Which bird looks the most majestic?

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres

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Lol @pokemon thinks that zapdos is most majestic that means he like zapdos more


Fun Fact: Zapdos is the only Kanto legendary bird who has a type advantage against both of the other 2 Legendary Birds


Articuno would beat Moltres and Zapdos go blue birds




No I don’t like it more I like how it looks more

  • Am I right
  • Is pokemon right

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I already have roserade


In Pokemon red blue and yellow, articuno has a type advantage too, since fire did NOT resist ice back then. So articuno could beat moltres.



  • I have Tyranitar
  • I have Mew
  • I have Mewtwo
  • I have Celebi
  • I have Zapdos
  • I have Moltres
  • I have Articuno
  • I have Entei
  • I have Suicune
  • I have Raikou
  • I have Ho-Oh
  • I have Lugia

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lol do you think articuno is actually the strongest

  • Shinx Raid
  • Cresselia raid

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