Amount of Stardust really need


This maybe leave to a meta-analysis, and I really don’t know if I have everything in account.

Let’s see, everybody needs Stardust for increase levels of our beloved Pokémon.

That’s very good until we reach a critical level from where on increase isn’t a good idea for our meta.

On the other hand, we have potions and revive if our pokémon have injured, because they haven’t be enough powerful to win without damage.

But I have every week the situation that I have to throw away these potions and revives for to gain space in the pocket.

So the question is, where is the balance? Maybe less powerful pokémon and using more potions? (before throwing them away, why not using them more?) There have to be a critical point of balance. I understand players who want to show for example to solo a raid, but from the point of view of economic play, this is not the best way to play.

Anybody know where’s this economic middleway? Anybody who has read something about this?


Isn’t this one of the fundamental questions of Pokemon life? Between catching, spinning, evolving, battling, powering-up, raiding, trading, and gifting… It seems to take continual adjustments in how much of each that we do, if we want to avoid running out of something or struggling to get enough of something.

The whole arrangement forces everybody to prioritize everything, much the way life does in general.


That’s it, and why are then articles about maxed-out monsters on level 40? If you balance the game, they are completely without use.


Isn’t that just another part of the balancing act? A handful of players are able to play unlimited amounts and have millions of spare stardust, thousands of spare candy, and every top counter maxed-out. The rest of us plebs have to choose how many to power up and how high.

Would I prefer a whole bunch of slightly stronger Pokemon, or a handful of maxed-out ones? The generalist will be strong on every front, but not strong enough against a maxed-out foe. And the specialist will be strongest on a few fronts, but not competitive on the rest. It’s kind of like the challenge of having salary caps for teams in pro sports.


Whow, a very good argumented idea.

I still think there has to be a midway, which will be the best against all of them. But your right, better we don’t find it, because it will make the game more boring. :man_shrugging:


I don’t think it’s possible to have a midpoint


As a base, I throw away about 20 potions and 15 revives every week (and it’s not only the weekest).

The problem will be to use them “during” a battle, not only after. But if you have several “semi”-strong teams, then maybe are no problem to revive them again.


I’d recommend keeping a stock of 1 million dust. That would give you ample dust to power up a good team of raid counters at any time (assuming you had adequate candy).

2 million might be a better cP because you would always have a cushion if you needed a second team.


Isn’t the wide variety of possible foes and their differing strengths and weaknesses a daunting obstacle to any effort to build a force that’s best for all?


How do put together this ‘good team of raid counters’ that you can then power-up at raid time? Are you permitted to define more than four battle parties at a time or do you memorize all of them? Just the process of finding in my collection and choosing all six while the counters dwindle (along with the patience of people waiting for me to join them to raid) seems daunting, especially when, for most bosses, I have to look up the best counters first. The thought of powering-up the team then, too, seems unrealistic to me.


And that of the best team only is necesary if you want to reduce the number of players. At least here the problem is contrary. More than once once we have to split in two or three groups because the number was too great. So nearly allways there are between 100 or 120 seconds at the end without use.


It really depends on what you want to do in the game. If you want to be able to counter the meta mons easily then you’ll probably focus your play on;

  1. Catching / raiding suitable counters
  2. Collecting candy for them (or using rare candy to do this)
  3. Collecting lots of stardust to also help with this (including catching every min you can, berrying gyms, raiding & collecting stardust tasks)
    If you want to focus on PvP then you probably don’t need as much dust aside from adding 2nd moves to those you want to use.


At least I have solved one aspect where you gonna choose what to increase, Pokemon or Items storage? or Do I?

Got maxed Pokemon storage already @ 2000 to be able to catch more every events, have increase candies, collect high IVs and get a chance for shinnies, therefore and as a collector, I’ve maxed the storage now but I am currently joggling and grinding two or more to be able to catch anything of interest along the way.

Good effect is I am now able to open stacked gifts from friends since I was now able to spend collected coins to Item storage but that is just a little consolation, the main thing is still the catching part to be able to complete the Pokedex.

With just this simple scenario from a mere PoGo pleb could show that finding some sort of “middleway” @bagguille “economic” or otherwise, I think is really elusive… and I think that this will boils down to “what we really want” with our “PoGo gaming”.


I suggest you dont hold on great IVs that arent even partially meta relevant nor your favourites if you want more storage


I did not mean literally to walk up to a raid group ready to lobby and ask for 10 mins to power up Pokémon. I did mean that if Niantic announces a new raid boss coming in a fee days you would be prepared.


I try to stay above 2 million dust. I’m at 2.7 right now


I’m trying to get to a million


:slightly_smiling_face: Natch. We usually know well ahead of time what the Tier-5 raid eggs are and build the raid parties ahead of time (and power-up if needed).

It’s when I’m headed towards a Tier-4 raid egg that’s about to hatch some as-yet-unspecified boss that I get ready to look up the GoHub-recommended counters as soon as it hatches and whip together a raid party for it in case nobody else shows up but my own pair of trainers.


The average level pokemon are caught around are level 17 to level 23, so maybe have at least 600k stardust for sudden maxing out for whatever reason


Wished I could raid with you… :grin: