Altaria low CP at max. Why?


Why the heck is Altaria’s CP so weak? This pokemon takes 400 candies to evolve and my max CP Swablu evolves into a 1585 CP Altaria (I’m level 28). Gyrados CP max at my level is like 2500 (I’m assuming, I don’t have a gyrados yet) so why is Altaria’s CP drastically lower? Many other Pokemon that require only 50 candies are close to 2000 CP so I just understand why Altaria would be so low for that many candies. Extremely disappointed. Well that’s my rant… don’t expect anything to be changed


Altaria is considered a good pokemon because of its max cp, even though it has a 1800 max cp. And Wailord is harder to get with a 2200 max cp!


CP isn’t calculated on “amount of candies taken to evolve”. It’s to do with the Pokemon’s base stats.


I evolved my first one just to fill the pokedex. I have enough candy now to evolve a 2nd but I’m going to wait until I catch a Shiny.


I have 387 candies! Trying to find more so I can evolve right now.:laughing:


Deserves buff.


Swablu is extremely common here. It’s so common that I skip most that I encounter, but eventually evolved one (100% IV) anyway. Still gathering candies to evolve my 100% IV Wailmer though. With a bit of luck, I’ll have one hatch from an egg today, that should be enough to do it.


Heh, I’ve evolved one Altaria so far and am now sitting on 1531 candies. Hopefully the mega evolution (if we ever get it) is a good one…


HOW?! I have 201 candy and no Altaria😆


Probably a combination of weather and biome. I live in a region that’s bordering a forest on one side, grassland on the other, with a river and a canal running past.
Looking it up on open maps, the town is mostly labeled as grass-land or park (buildings do not change whether a biome is city or grassland or whatever, that’s primarily decided by the zoning type applied to the area.) But, it’s not a pure grass biome. Biomes also tend to blend a little into eachother. So, the specific biome I live in has elements from grassland (its primary biome type) and forest (blended in from the nearby forest). If I walk a kilometer south into the forest, I’d be in a forest biome that has grassland elements.

And it’s that biome blend which probably causes all these Swablus to spawn all over the place. It’s not a nest, it’s a rather large 4 square kilometer area with half a dozen gyms and three times as many pokestops where it’s “Swablu, Swablu, everywhere, and not a shiny thing”.


I have a shiny altaria :yum:


It’s weak in the original games and Swablu is very common


Altaria probably takes 400 candy due of its type (100 is low with spawrate like this)


Yep. Niantic nerfed all Dragon types except Rayquaza, who is already nerfed because it’s a legendary.