Alolan Pokemon - Share your catches


So many questions…
What is a ns exeggutor?
Exeggutor and alolan exeggutor. Neither are gen 6…
"january 2020 probably or maybe before then but probably around then"

"when exeggutor long much gets adde dt with will be an interest g addition. Maybe they should have aldeie it"
I honestly have no clue…

release it probably soon bu probably not anytime soon unfortunately

I sense some contradiction here


Liked yours.

He does like to get in your face.


I love that these guys give you extra candy. Started day at like 54 and now have almost 180.


Too me i think they are better looking an they are different element types they are originally.


This is my baby




Even when they grow up, they’re still your Baby :smile: - Mom proverb


:stuck_out_tongue: heh. Glad yall enjoying the topic. n.n


Hatched her from an egg I got from Cali :blush:

And this was a gift from my partner, he snuck it into a trade.


Nice. I just hatched this one today. Called her slimy.


What does ScaztchHundo mean? Does that refer to me? Name after me please


Schatzi means sweetie and then Hundo for 100%. I usually give mons names based on their characteristics, like a pet.


What language?




Nice. Also something weird, @MEME2 got a badge before me




Well meme not meme2




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