All Pokémon found in the Datamine



Nice. Thanks for sharing. I really can’t wait. Hopefully they will release the starters tomorrow, and then the gen 4 ghosts for Halloween (with Giratina as the 5 tier raid boss).


HYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! “Can We get Hype in the chat” - Streaming Youtuber


Hyyyyyyeyeyeyeyeyeype yerp I want a Mismagius


My man Lucario looking goood
Also, that Palkia is badass.


there realising all of them hopefully


GEN 4 is live after 17:00 CET. 16:00 GMT.


So, we’re going to get 2 forms of Girantina?
This does give me something to look forward to.


I got a Turtwig today!






Hey guys what are the trainer names for glaceon and leafeon


Glaceon and Leafeon are yet to come out in Pokémon GO.


well, duh…
I want them asap though


And we cant even know the names


I’d bet on May and Zoey if they keep up the scheme with naming them according to the anime. But that’s just an uneducated guess by someone who wasn’t interested in Pokémon before 2016 and reading Bulbapedia since then…