Adventure Sync is it on


Is this on for IOS or only for android currently.

I saw a video of a girl turning it on and using it but I dont see it in my app
she was on a google phone


as far as i know it is live on all devices. But…it rolled out for level 40 players first, and lower level player every few hours.

So the first thing that comes to mind: what level are you ? :smile:


And I am TL36 and I got it a day earlier… With tons of bugs of course.


I am only a level 28 currently

so I guess I will have to wait.

@Jormdeworm what bugs do yoy have currently?


i expect he has no bugs anymore since it went live. He already had it before it went live which caused the bugs.

Now we just have bugs everywhere but those are actual pokemon :wink:

My guess is you have to wait indeed. Won’t be long though. these things tend to roll out to lower level players in matter of hours, not days.


Friend of mine is level 29 and still nothing, I’m level 36 and yes, here it’s active.


You have to be TL35 first.


I wish… still can’t see my friends sometimes.


Are you saying if I am not lv 35 it will not work for me?


Yes he is.


Don’t worry. the level requirement is dropping. You’ll be able to use it asap.


is there an article or something that says I need to be level 35?


It’s going down step by step. The last I’ve heard is that now level 31 can use it.


I think it’s lvl 30+ now


Just minutes a go I got kick out of the app, restarted and there it was.

Got a bonus immediately: 5 Ultra’s, 1 5km egg, 10 Great’s, 20 Pokeballs, 500 stardust. :grin::grin::grin:

(PS: I’m a lvl 31)


Is there anyone under level 30 that has this yet?
I am still level 28 and no adventure sync


You will be next, I’ll tell you when.

Currently it is at 30 and up but it should change today.