Add friend by trainer user name,in gyms and in raid


Niantic should add the function to add trainers by their trainer name.

So if you see a gym with someone in it. You can add them.

Also add people while in raid. Press on their trainer character an can add them.

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes,that would be very cool


What would be the use?


Less people asking on here for friends. Is 1 benefit.


I personally notice some people who play alot in some gyms and never met them, i want to gift them and be friends.


That would mean alot of extra invites from random people that walk by your gyms. So far i still kinda control who has acces to my friend code.
And the most benefit for me from friends is at raids, so if i can only get their codes there, thats fine by me.


Yeah but people here want faraway friends


Also options to not be added


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