About the legendaries



What’s your opinion on the whole idea that the best battlers could get the chance for legendaries before us. Do you think this is fair?


Noooo, it has to be equal for everybody. Imagine my position, I’m a collector and don’t go to Gyms, so how could I get a Legendary?


Since we currently have absolutely no reliable information that this is actually how legendarys will be released, don’t worry too much quite yet.
And even so, with the whole raid system it seems like even low level and casual players might be able to join in on the fun and get raid rewards, when teaming up with other gym battlers.


That would be the best. I think I will not do it, but at least it would be a way for newbies. I know that my way is not supported by Niantic, but I’m happier this way…


I think it makes sense, although I’d rather tie trainer level to obtaining legendaries instead of battles. It makes sense for a newbie to be unable to obtain a legendary at the same time as a veteran.


I think they mean most active players not the best.


I’m still a bit confused about the phrasing. Is it folks that are active in gym play so far that might get better/earlier chances at catching legendaries or folks that will be active in the new gym play?
The former would be outright idiocy, I think, because it would be a huge reward for the spoofers and botters out there. The latter would be a nice motivation bonus for going out and taking part in gym play in any way (I guess feeding your team’s 'mons will count as activity, even if you can’t rule the gyms yourself due to a lower level). Again, it’s something that would leave out rural players, though. If there’s only a single arena within reasonable walking/driving distance you can’t possibly be as active as someone who can reach three from their bedroom.


To my knowledge there is no actual information on how legendarys will be released yet.

The current speculation is that they will be implemented as raid bosses, meaning everyone with a gym close by will be able to go and raid with others regardless of their lvl or gym activity (before or after the update).
Also possible would be that having a gym badge maxed out might affect your ability to catch / raid legendarys, so you’d still only have to have at least one gym close by, that you regularly visit before you can catch a legi.

Anyway, with how Niantic has been dealing with botters and spoofers so far, I doubt they could afford to give them even more of an unfair advantage. The old gym system definitely seems irrelevant to the new one, it seems like this will be a fresh start for everyone regarding gyms.

But as mentioned, this is all speculation. Rural players will always have a slight disadvantage as opposed to urban players (just looking at the number of people playing in cities, it will be so much easier to take out a raid boss in a group of 10 than in a rural area with just one or two friends who are playing) and I don’t think this will change that quickly, but I like to belive that Niantic will not add to that disadvantage by making legendarys dependant on how many different gyms you are holding.


Niantic stated “most active players” not best battlers. Anyone can join a raid and Use the now buffed type advantage to take out a raid boss. Might require a few people but keep in mind that you get to use 6 Pokemon against 1.


My prediction is as follows:

  • Legendary bird(s) will appear in super-, mega-raid mode at the Fest Chicago.
  • Once revealed/defeated/captured, it will unlock the chance for a legendary to appear in the rest of the world, as a potential raid boss.
  • The chance of appearance/occurrence will be very rare.


Ah. Thank you for clearing that up!
I also don’t think they could afford to base it on previous activity. But since now there’s more ways to interact with gyms I think basing it on future activity is a nice motivator to go out and engage, as stated previously. Good way to reengage players to be active more regularly.


Fyi, my prediction is based on this:


Those who think like this and thinking wrong aren’t familiar with raids. It’s cool. Without doing other mobile games with this feature it’s expected. Good raid bosses aren’t restricted to pros. More often then not, their activity and room inclusion quite often allows newer players to complete.

In brave frontier I cleared way higher raid then my level should have allowed just by rooming up with the right elites.

Some might be dicks about it. Like, don’t join my raid unless you can contribute. Others recognize that helping and escalating the newer players base is how you grow a game overall.

Just think about it. A 5 digit cp mewtwo is quite intimidating to most. But your sitting there and your bite/crunch tyranytaur is actually laughing maniacally. So…help your local newbs.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but in the last line, I read,
"You just sit there bitch and crunch…"
Had to do a double-take… Lol :joy:

(Btw, I’ll always help new players, unless they are mean or unfriendly.)


The part I’m thinking about is this:
“LEGENDARY POKEMON PASSWORDS – Niantic shared they will be giving away passwords to those who were very active in the gym system to give them a chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.” (source: https://pokemongohub.net/gym-raid-update/raid-rewards/)

That makes it sound like it will be something available exclusively to highly active players and newer/less active players won’t be able to get into those particular raids (assuming that that’s how they will be included in the game).
Then again, it’s very vague wording, so we might actually see something like Leondtrix describes where you can group up with higher level players easily, which I think would be awesome. Only then what would be the point in giving out special passcodes to more active players?


I forgot they mentioned passcodes. It just seems kinda…lame if they just plain reward you with the bird. Not when this cool new raid mechanic is the clearest choice.

Maybe, one Pro needs to get the passcode to trigger the raid on a qualifying gym. One passcode is one attempt, but all buddies can get down. Can’t nab him? Load up fat on premier balls and gold razz berries, then get down on another buddies code to try again.

Sounds fun. Still not up for me though.


The latest data mine mentioned legendary raid tickets. I’m worried those will only be available through Niantic’s live events… That shouldn’t be the case though right? Because that would be incredibly unfair to an unbelievable number of players firstly… And I don’t see them being able to have live events everywhere. I was hoping it would be something like a very rare chance for them to show up as raids and have a high run rate if you beat them. Of course this is all still speculation


That sentence is bugging me too… We’ll see how they handle it :slight_smile:


An option that I could see happening is Niantic giving out legendary raid tickets as promo codes. Although as it is right now that would be sort of unfair to iOS players, who don’t have access to those (yet?).

And I wouldn’t worry too much about the live events being unfair. The official Pokemon GO Twitter did state that ‘Trainers worldwide will still be able to participate in rewards unlocked at the event.’


Well, I did read the legendary raid ticket thing just now too. But I also remember them clearing saying somewhere, promo codes. So… codes for the ticket. You gotta hold it down. For your team to a certain level to get one, I’d imagine.