A Year on the Forum


Aye, you haven’t seen me in a while, eh? Well, reason why I’m back? It’s been one year since I joined this forum (few days late, but who the hell cares?) and I love this small but awesome community. I might not post much anymore, but I probably will soon. Recently, I have been playing other games other then Pokemon GO. Those games would be Need For Speed: No Limits and BitLife (it’s kinda addictive lol). I also have highschool now, and that’s another thing that’s interfering with my PoGO life, but let’s talk about that later. Some people I want to thank in this wonderful community are: @Pokemon, @Brobraam, @Jormdeworm, @MrHeineken88, @bagguille, @VanHooIII, @bobbyjack8, and @Thorend. Maybe a new thread about the forum in 2020? LOL, but you guys have an awesome day, night, whatever time of day it is, and enjoy this picture of a snapchat filtered angry dog!


Well, I got a bit more than one and a half year left on high school before I could go to university. Not sure how active I’ll be then lol. Good luck at high school @iLikeCastform


Oh hey, I was tagged! Good to hear from you. :wink:

I think my one year mark is in a few weeks …


Nice to hear from you, and much more that you like this site (and us, hehe). I wish you all the best, and you know, this virtual door is allways open for a visit.


Congrats, and happy to have you here. :tada::confetti_ball::cake:


Thanks for the good luck, I have a pretty easy semester (apart from math :unamused:) but next semester, hoo boy, that’s gonna be hard. Thanks!


Keep up the good fanmade Pokemon bud!


Thank you! I am happy to have you here (and all of you as well!)


Thank you!


Ever having problems with math, you could ask me in a pm. I consistently get at least 70 percent on my tests


Few people respond/Like those now, so I’ve slowed down a lot on those. Definitely won’t let that thread die though! :stuck_out_tongue: