A Team Rocket poll


In a APK teardown of the upcoming version, 0.159.0, more rocket stuff came up. Go Hub Article

Giovanni, hideouts,/stops, 3 executives and some Rocket related tasks. All very nice, but now the big question.

Should Niantic add Jessy, James and Meowth?

  • No.
  • Yes, but separated.
  • Yes, as a team (without fighting Meowth)
  • Yes, as a team (with Meowth as a fighter)

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I’m not sure what I want to vote for because I’m not a straight no and I’m not yes for any of those reasons.
I’m ambivalent and will play either way.


I’m completely against Team Rocket, so no vote


I personally don’t care as long as you don’t HAVE TO battle in the future.


It would be more fun for me to participate if they put them in the game. As it is, I only do 1-2 team rocket stops a week.




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