A Mythical Discovery 6/8


Hi, I’ve just recently picked up Pokemon Go, and I’m on the 6 part of the mythical discovery quest, it requires me to do 10 raids, now I’m not a whale, and my pokemon can’t hold a gym for long to get enough coins to spam on raid passes, so the daily raid pass is quite valuable to me and I would really like to use it on raids that have legendary pokemon that’s in it, so my question here is, does legendary raids counts towards the quest? or does it have to be raids with non-legendary pokemons?


All raids. Legendary raids, ex raids, etcetera


Oh okay, Thanks, now I guess at this point I gotta wait 10 days to finish this quest, 1 raid per day =(


If you fail the raid it counts so you can do it using just your free raid pass try and get a blissed slaking and Snorlax to defend gyms and golden razz when under attack


They fixed that for iOS I believe but it should work on android


I only get the daily free pass and it took me about 3 weekends to complete the 10 raids


I did it on a level 1 raid with 2 raid passes as there is not enough time for one just use a blissey and dodge the raid boss do not use any move sets on him just dodge each time you fail the raid it will count as a raid. Do this 10 times and your done takes about 50 minutes though.


the use-one-pass-10-times-on-the-same-raid-exploit has been fixed a long time now.

He is on 6/8 after 2 months, those 10 days for raids shouldn’t matter anymore.