A million xp in a week


Since i am almost lvl 40 i issue the challenge of a Million Xp in a week.

Starting the day you drop picture try to get a million xp.

If you want to participate drop your current xp and end date.

Lets go.

4,026,176 - 5,026,176 Monday to Monday


Starts when you drop the pic everyone!
@5GodLink your week started good luck



good luck


Now at this:


@5GodLink needs to do very well this cd


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Here it is again.
1Mill xp in 4 days? or is it 5 ? lets go with 5 for my name sake🤷🏾‍♂️

Got 895k xp myself
about 400-500K from new pokestops
200K-300K from catching and eggs
400K xp from @Pokemon

Was really trying harder once i made this topic and only made it because of @Pokemon so much thanks to him for always motivating me when i feel like i should slow down.

:smiling_imp:Level 40 Club


Lol you won
I got 750 k exp but i am not getting to the million


All level 40’s are winners.

This was more a personal race for every trainer to try and get 1Million xp in a week.

I guess my next challenge should be Get 1Million Xp in 5 days or less :smirk:

Still strive for Xp! The journey never ends!!


400 k xp from me?


Good job buddy


But… Thanks??


That’s more than I got in a week


I think I got 600k in a week when there was a cd on a sunday, and they following saturday there was a raid day for one of the birds


? Lol


The 400000


I got 980 k exp on the totodile community day


It usually takes me 13-15 days to get a million XP.


I got 500 xp on totodile day